Box-type 3D Scanner

Covers all Sectors

High precision 3D scanning solution for small to medium size product.

  • Measurement accuracy: ±0.01mm
  • Light source: LED white-light
  • Time for single model (fastest): 5 minues

Black Technology, now in Black Box

MagicBox - Distruptive design combing state-of-the-art technologies simple and easy to use.

Rounded corners

Pure steel box

Air vent

Lockable omni-direction wheel

Operation PC


High Performance, High Efficiency

MagicBox - Disruptive design combining state-of-art technologies, simple and easy to use.

One-click scan. That's it.

MagicBox one-click scanning service. Just follow Switch on → Place object → Click "Start" → Export file → Model publish. All-in-one 3D model data processing, from data collection, processiong to publish and application, in just one click.

Extremely high resoluiton and realistic effects.

MagicBox, high scanning accuracy at the level of 0.01mm and 100 million pixels which can even show details as fine as one tenth of hair; Full-color texture automatic reflect light and shadow remove, display real material, and support perfect rendering in various applicaiton scenes.

More Intelligent Algorithm, Less Post-scan Processing.

Bundled Boxstudio Pro scanning software owns the most powerful 3D scanning data processing algorithm. It's immensely simple and easy to use, whole process under full guide, model structure and texture auto-refines. After scanning, 3D model data can be uploaded to Ruler3D for editing, processing and analysis.

Era of Intelligent Scanning

Comparing with traditional modeling with 3DMax software, MagicBox 3D modeling is much faster, less cost, more standardized because of high level of automation. MagicBox is a superior device for more demanding scanning jobs, such as those involving more intricately shaped objects that require high resoluiton and rich details.

3D Everywhere

MagicBox covers 3D modeling for all industrial sectors. What you see is what you get, perfect fit for creative designs.



(Highend version))


(Standard version))

Accuracy 0.015mm 0.03mm
Point cloud resoluiton 0.15mm 0.32mm
Point cloud camera 5 megapixels*4 1.3 meagapixels*4
Texture camaera Canon 5DSR 50 megapiexel*2 Canon 1500D 24 megapixel*2 (optional for 50 megapixels)
Single frame scan time Fastest 1s Fastest 0.5s
Scanning range Diameter 45cm * height 50cm
Single posture scan time Fastest 5 mins
Stitching method Turntable / Geometric features / Target points
Output formats obj、ply、stl、asc
Scanning type Non-contact structured light scanning
Working environment temperature 0~40℃
Weight 350kg
Size 1.7m*0.9m*1.1m
Working environment temperature 0~40℃
Working voltage 220V 15A
Power consumption Maximum 3,300W, typically 300W
PC configuration CPU i7, 32G memory, 256G SSD harddisk, 750Ti graphics card
Screen 17 inch1080p
Interface 4 USB3.0, 1 L AN, 1 HDMI
Operation system Windows 10 64Bit
Processing software BoxStudio Pro

※ Above data is based on measurement in standard environment.

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